Month 1: Day 18 of cycle


  • Timed contact tonight but DH has to work so contact early in the morning.
  • I am really scared now. I did feel some slight pains at the right abdomen but no sign of increased temperature yet. It is now day 18 but there seems to be no ovulation.
  • Bought a new thermometer and my temp today is at 36.3 – been having 36.3 since I first took the temp.
  • Is it possible to ovulate without the temp rising? I am scared 😦

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One response to “Month 1: Day 18 of cycle

  1. i felt that slight pain in the rightmost part of the abdomen when i was under Clomiphene Citrate. I wasn’t even monitoring my body temp back then but i suffered from hot flashes at nighttime. good luck to you. i know how it is to be waiting anxiously… but just relax.everything will be in their right places sooner. cheers!

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